How to pay with paypal

How to pay with paypal

As Eyelash Vendors, we will use a variety of payment methods to collect money, we usually use paypal, alibaba, western union, a variety of payment methods to avoid some customers will not pay because they have not used, we mainly use paypal. Most of our customers accept paypal payment, and most of them have their own paypal accounts. When they pay, they can pay directly with their credit CARDS or money in their accounts, and they will be guaranteed in case of problems. When the customer orders eyelash plus Eyelashes Packaging Box, because the amount is relatively large, we will send the customer a detailed invoice. If you want to start your eyelash business and become Lash Vendors, it’s easier to have a paypal account.


However, there are still a small number of customers who do not have paypal accounts. How should they pay? We usually send the link of paypal me to the customer, and the customer directly clicks the link to pay. In this way, the customer can also apply for a paypal account while completing the payment

What is the specific payment process?

step 1. Click the link to go to the paypal payment page

step2. Choose your method of payment and fill in the correct payment address and the name of the payer

step3.You can apply for a paypal account at the same time, and conduct real-name authentication so that you can be protected. Finally, click on the payment, and the payment is completed