What Is The Other Core Question Supposed To Ask A Eyelash Vendor?

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If you are an Mink Eyelash Buisiness newbie or just start to run a eyelash business.So take a note and write down you prepared questions.Besides,Price and Styles.

1.As far as i am concerned,one question always be ignored-The service.You may ask when is your working time.As you may know,there is a jet lag between you and overseas vendor .So this question can know if it could be serviced in time.

Mink Lash Packaging

Customize Eyelash Boxes

2.The datail of Mink Lash Packaging.You may watch a lot of beautiful packaging with logo or brand name,they looks so good on the picture,but one detail you will miss.Is your logo or brand name printted on the box or stuck on the box?It matters of the price and quality,but looks quite same on the pic.

Eyelash Packaging Vendor

Lash Packaging Ideas

3.What is the exactly shipping time and producing time is it?what is the expree you usually have?This question matters of the time you recerve your order.If a big and proffesional vendor can issue order per day and the producing time is relative short coz they have a exclusive factory.

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