What Is Chanellashes Mission?

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Today i wanna talk about our backgroud and mission of Chanellashes company–To help more and more clients to be successful in How To Start A False Eyelash Business .And back then ,in Nov. 2010,our company is established,we,had a decision to make.And for the employee,our culture is that integrity and honest,embraceing the changes,actively working hard,open mind and sharing.

Eyelash Vendors

Cost issue.To be honest,at the biginning of starting as a Wholesale Lashes Suppliers,the biggest promblem is .We decide to use Wholesale Mink Lashes.It did relative higher than a synthetic eyelash,but we insisit on 100 percent handmade and cruelty-free mink material.We are firmly convinced that the quality is priority and important thing,not only for us but also for all you guys.Firstly,the synthetic eyelashes is harmful for our eyes,it is more likely to cause eye ills.Secondly,the synthetic eyelash  is more straight not so natrual and feel hard indeed.Just one time thing.

Lash Vendors Mink

Eyelash Manufacturer 

Reducing lead time.In order to forge a profeesinal eyelash brand,prompt service is also  a big poiont.Woldwide shippment.Finnally,we make up our mind that FedEx is a perfect choice.Put aside all the cost things,the best is the best.Then,the Chanellashes Wholesale Mink Lashes Vendors is founded.

Wholesale Lash Packaging

Customized Lash Boxes

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