Want to print your logo on tweezers and glue?

Want To Print Your Logo On Tweezers And Glue?

glues and tweezers are good friends with lashes, and without lash glue you can’t wear lashes, so lash glue and tweezers are very important. Good mascara is water-resistant, can be washed, and will stick to water, so even if you swim your false eyelashes will not fall off.

As Eyelash Vendors, we not only provide eyelashes and Custom Eyelash Packaging, we can also make customized glue and tweezers. We can print your logo on the glue and tweezers, just like on the Eyelash Packaging Box.Many of our clients choose to order eyelashes with glue when they start their own eyelash business. When we communicate with customers, we also recommend them to order together, which is attractive when sold together

eyelashes glueCustom Glue

glueEyelashes Custom Glue

Custom Tweezers

eyelashes tweezersEyelashes Custom Tweezers

If you would like to learn about or be interested in these, please contact us.Contact WhatsApp +8618661642830

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