The most popular eyelash style

The most popular eyelash style

As Eyelash Vendors, we have contacted hundreds of clients from all over the world. They have different preferences for eyelash styles, some like exaggeration, some like nature, but there are several styles that are often selected. We have 16,20,22,25 mm lashes in four lengths. Each length has a very popular style. The following are some of the best-selling styles.

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1.The most popular style of 25mm

25mm Mink lashes belongs to more exaggerated design, these a few are the design that the client chooses most often, the eyelash that likes a bit more dramatic can choose these styles. Some of these styles like the natural style will also choose.

2.The most popular style of 22mm

Compared with 22mm mink lashes, 22mm eyelashes will be more natural, which is also the most commonly selected length by customers and the length that is easy to be accepted. I would recommend this length to customers who are trying to grow eyelashes for the first time. It is a very suitable choice for customers who want to challenge long eyelashes

3.The most popular style of 20mm

20mm has a natural length, which is most often selected by customers who like natural styles. This eyelash 3d effect is more obvious and very full. Many mink eyelash vendors who have just started their eyelash business started at this length.

4.The most popular style of 16mm

Girls who like super natural style should never miss!!16mm is a very natural style, these are the styles often selected by customers, if you want to start your eyelash business, you can choose these styles. Many lashes vendors who have started their own eyelash business will also choose these styles.

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