Show Our Three Pairs of Custom Boxes Packaging

Show Our Three Pairs of Custom Boxes Packaging

As the number of customers grew, we found that more and more customers like to customize eyelash cover boxes, because this can save time, more convenient, and better choice. Now the customer pursues fast, convenient some can ask the set that has eyelash, in order to satisfy the demand of the customer, we rolled out the custom eyelash packaging that installs 3 pairs to cover a box now.

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Three pairs of custom eyelash packaging boxes can hold three pairs of eyelashes, and with a pair of tweezers, you can choose three different styles to pack in the box. You can also mix different styles and lengths of lashes to create your own eyelash set. Three pairs of eyelash packaging box for the difficult choice of customers is a very good choice, you can not struggle to choose which style, because this can be installed inside the three pairs of best-selling eyelashes.

Come on !and customize your own custom eyelash packaging!!

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