How to start an eyelash business

How to start an eyelash business?

The first is the price. This is the question that our new customers asked most and concerned about. How much should I prepare? According to the data from those girls who own a successful lash business, their first order has a budget of between 160-300 US dollars.


How can we find a reliable and professional supplier?

It is very simple, only need Google search or Instagram.

Let’s take Instagram as an example. First open the Instagram search interface, type lash vendor, and then there will be a lot of search results and related accounts. I use my account as an example. After opening an eyelash supplier account, all you have to do is browse. Browse all the content she sent, because in this way, you can know her product categories or find the products you like.

As for products, which products should we choose to start the eyelash business?

Of course, the most basic is the eyelashes. There are so many lengths and styles of eyelashes, how do I choose? In the current market, 16mm natural style eyelashes and 20mm 25mm dramatic fully eyelash styles are the two most popular categories. I suggest the girls who are just starting the eyelash business can choose 16mm 3D eyelashes first, because 16mm is the most commonly used eyelash length, and then u can slowly increase the types of eyelashes. Of course, if you have sufficient start-up capital, I also suggest that you can mix natural style and dramatic styles, which will attract more customers with different taste.

How can I choose my eyelash style?

First, we have to mix different eyelash styles. If we want to attract more customers, we must not only have one eyelash style. Mixing 4-6 eyelash styles is the most suitable.

Second, what we have to do is browse the catalog provided by the supplier, and then choose the eyelash style that we like. Or we can ask the supplier to recommend us the best-selling styles, and we mix these styles.

Then, another product is the eyelash packaging box.

The first thing I want to talk about here is the private label. Some eyelash suppliers can make a private logo sticker like this for you. Basically, we can add the brand name and the contact information on it. Or a box like this can be printed directly, your logo can be printed on the front, or any element you like, and your social media information can be printed on the back. Such as ins, website, phone number and so on.

Pretty boxes are like beautiful clothes, which can attract people’s attention and stimulate consumers’ desire to buy. Besides, this is also a good way of promition. Your customers can use these boxes to hold eyelashes, jewelry or other Small items, when the boxes are used daily, your brand are also available at the same time.

So for new starters, it is very important to choose the proper eyelash styles and eyelash packaging. The important point is that we have to choose a one-stop shop. In other words, find a supplier that can solve all products. why? What we do is a cross-country transaction, and the shipping cost is also a big cost. If you buy eyelashes from one supplier and pay for the shipping, then you buylash boxes from another supplier and pay for the shipping. This means you have paid two shipping charges at the same time, your cost will become higher. However, if the one-stop shopping, you only need to pay the shipping once.

Okay, let’s go back to the instagram example. After choosing the product you like, you can save a screenshot. Then open the chat box of ins, and send your favorite or interested products to the supplier for inquiries. In addition, WhatsApp application is been most commonly used in business. Almost all suppliers have their own WhatsApp numbers. We can also contact them through this, which is more convenient.

So after finding a favorite supplier, what questions should we ask the supplier?

Below I have sorted out some questions.

①MOQ Since the eyelash business has just started, the purchase quantity of eyelashes is limited to 20-50 pairs. Some suppliers may require hundreds of lashes for minimum order quantities. Such a large quantity is not conducive to those who have just started the eyelash business.

②Do you have own factory? In order to reduce costs, we need to find the source manufacturer instead of the distributor. If you are working with a dealer, it means that you not only paid the cost of the goods, but also paid the dealer an intermediate price difference. All we need to find the source production factory to ensure that the price is the wholesale price.

Mink Lash Vendors
Mink Lash Vendors

③Quality of eyelashes For example, can your eyelashes be wet? Can it be cleaned with water? Will it still become the original curly shape after drying? No worries, if u choose a professional supplier, they will answer your these questions.

④Will the price decrease as the quantity purchased increases? For example, the original price of this pair of eyelashes is US$4. If I buy 30 pairs, can I get it for US$3.9 or 3.8? If there are 100 pairs, can I buy them for $3.50?

25Mm Lashes
25Mm Lashes

⑤ Production time and shipping time How long is your production time? How soon can I receive my product?

⑥Do you support sample orders? Many people who are new to business may want to sample lashes from different suppliers for comparison, and then select the most preferred supplier. So we can ask the supplier if they do sample orders. For example, I like these styles, can I sample one pair of each style? Can the boxes also be sampled?

Wholesale Lash Vendors
Wholesale Lash Vendors

When you figure out these issues, you are already an experienced buyer. Then let’s go get started!

Well, the above is what I want to share today. If you have any questions, you can leave a comment below. Or if u are interested in our products, Welcome to add our WhatsApp number to know more

Thanks for watching and see you next time!

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