How To Prolong A Mink Eyelash Life?

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As you may ask why a Eye Lash Vendors called a mink eyela can be reused up to 25 times,but it can not be happend?Today i am gonna talking about how it can works.

For mantaining a eyelash well,it is not so complicated,love.There is a lot of relative prodcuts about preserving a eyelash,I think it is useful.And you may know this beneath statements,you may save a lot.

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On the one hand,there is need a proffesional Eyelash Tweezers.As you may know,every time we spread glue on them,also there is some glue left on eyelash band.So,you had better to clean them with a eyalsh tweezers.coz a dirty eyelash can hurt your eyes as well,and it definately damage the eyelash if you spread glue more and more .

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On the other hand,you might as well every 5-6 times you wear you wash them once.Using some make-up remover with water like 10 second ,everthing is done.Airing them under a shadow place.Kindly noticed that dont under a really strong sunshine.Our Wholesale Mink Eyelashes is very soft even that you can wear them asleep and you will find it is perfect next day.

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