How to Choose a Good Eyelash Glue?

How to Choose a Good Eyelash Glue?


Most girls choose high quality and soft Mink Lashes when they choose lashes, which can reduce their uncomfortable feeling in the process of wearing eyelashes. That’s right, and that’s why many girls choose chanel Lashes! Because we only make high quality Mink Eyelashes, we are very cautious about the choice of eyelash raw materials.But please remember that Eyelash Glue is an important tool for us to wear eyelashes. The good or bad of eyelash glue can directly determine whether your eyelashes can bloom their greatest beauty!

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So how to choose Eyelash Glue, I give you a few small TIPS:

First, the safety of Eyelash Glue is the most important! I believe this is what many girls are worried about. As we all know, Eyelash Glue will directly contact the skin of our eyes and last for a long time, so choosing a safe Eyelash Glue is the most important! Generally speaking, the chemical composition of good mascara will not cause harm to human body, but if you use inferior Eyelash Glue, it is likely to corrode your skin. Therefore, when choosing Eyelash Glue, you can smell its taste. If there is a strong chemical taste, you can’t buy it!

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Second, the price and use time of Eyelash Glue. Many sellers publicize that their Eyelash glue price is low, but in fact there is no glue after several times. Therefore, when choosing eyelash glue, we should also pay attention to the weight of glue and the length of use time.

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Third, the eyelash glue produced by Chanel Lashes are all 0 latex, non irritating glue, suitable for sensitive muscles. We have sold countless pieces of eyelashes glue, but no customers have ever said that there is a sensitive situation after use. And our eyelashes glue can draw 20 meters continuously, as long as you can keep it well, and cover it well after each use!So, come on Contact us!

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