How to choose a eye-catching eyelash packaging?

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Today I wanna intro some Strip Lash Packaging that you may met.There are some hot-selling popular lash boxes.I will show up there sample case and shed light on their characteristics.

《How Beautiful Glitter Custom Eyelash Packaging Boxes》

1.The first come is our acrylic custom packaging.they are transparent boxes,which is east to discover your beautiful eyelash in it.It is  versatile and ingenious that the mink lashes packaging can easily match your logo.A lot of our customers are likely to put full butterflies or roses.

《 why-more-and-more-customers-choose-the-acrylic-packaging-boxes/》

Customize Eyelash Boxes

Empty Eyelash Packaging Wholesale

《the importance of designing lashes and creating a brand/》

2.Money eyelash packaging is the second one,it means lucky.It is various shapes of money packaging,such as regular ,square ,drawer one with a transparent front side.They are indicates it is really popuar.If you have a brand name no logo,you might as well pick this one ,that makes your brand name more beatiful not so lonely.

Private Label Packaging For Eyelashes

Custom Packaging Vendors

3.The Last -Drawer Eyelash Boxes Wholesale.The 2-1 design packaging.There is a plastic front side,and you can see.Your logo is printed on it instead of sticking,so it is more durable,waterproof,and vivid.

China Eyelash Packaging Box Factory

Eyelash Packaging Boxes Factory

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