How To Apply A Strip Eyelash

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As a Mink Eyelash Vendors,I really want to share this awesome trick with you guys its one of my absolute favorite because it has a natural finish to compliment your eye look . if you try it out Im sure your never go back to applying lashes on top of the lash line again . hope you guys enjoy 😍 love you guys.


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Dos and Don’ts for How to apply eyelashes on yourself:

  1. Do not buy heavy lashes that you can not bear on your eyes.
  2. Do not apply Wholesale Mink Lashes at the inner corner as that can irritate you during eye movement.
  3. 《how-to-apply-lashes/》
  4. Do not cut the false lashes from the inner corner.
  5. Do not Apply excessive wholesale lash glue to the lashes.

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5.Do not apply mink lashes when the glue is wet that can smudge your eye makeup.
6.Do your eye makeup first and then apply lashes.
7.Do not stick the lashes on your original 25mm Siberian Mink Lashes Wholesale stick it on the eye skin near the lashes.
8.Do not keep a huge difference between eyelash and false-lash that will make it look unreal.
9.Put your mirror down and look down while applying lashes. Do not close your eyes.

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