Eyelash Clear Case

Eyelash Clear Case


You can choose the color of the paper you like. If you order, we can give it to you for free!!!

Now more and more customers will choose acrylic custom eyelash packaging  to package their eyelashes. They think acrylic custom eyelash packaging can be more intuitive to see the eyelashes, can better display the product. We have our own custom lash packaging production plant, our minimum order quantity is only 30pcs!! and the price is very cost-effective!!!

Customize Your Own Eyelash Box

Custom Packaging Lashes Design Team from Vichy Lashes Eyelash Packaging Vendors group continue to finding the most suitable design elements and styles from the product their own point. From the performance of the pattern to the presentation of the text, every step is taken seriously by us, and every place is repeatedly considered.

Eyelash Case

The bottom papers come in various colors, and the customer is free to choose the color they want.

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