Can CoronaVirus Affect Eyelash Business?

Can CoronaVirus Affect Eyelash Business?

Since November 2019, the new coronavirus outbreak has gradually evolved into a global disease. Now the whole world is watching this issue closely, and so are we. As eyelash vendors we have been asked a lot recently about whether our business will be affected by the virus, whether our packages will carry the virus, and whether the delivery will be delayed because of the virus. These are the issues that people are concerned about recently. I’m sure many lash vendors have experienced these problems

1.Will the delivery be delayed due to the outbreak?

Now the epidemic situation in China has been under control, the number of new cases has been less than 10 a day, and there are no new cases in many places. We have basically returned to normal work and the express delivery has returned to normal.Now our speed has been restored to only 3-5 working days.

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2.Will the express from China carry the virus?

As early as January, the world health organization issued a statement, express delivery will not cause the spread of the virus, express delivery will not carry the virus, you can be assured to receive mink lash goods.Logistics were recently controlled to reduce the flow of people, not because couriers carry viruses, The new coronavirus is only transmitted from person to person, and items are not carried. So you can rest assured

3.Can we send and can you receive parcels now?

Since the middle of February, our logistics has returned to normal. We send many customers’ goods to all parts of the world every day, and our customers have received our express on time. You can still receive your express at home very soon.


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