How to tell a real eyelash vendor overseas?

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As you know,you can not see the whole picture over the oversea factory of vendors,But it doesn’t mean they are not trustworthy and helpless.So how to tell a real eyelash vendor oversea?

To escape a scammer and save your energy.So let is get it start it!

Vendor For Lashes

1.Firstly,A real Eyelash Wholesale Vendors who is well know about the eyelashes .They probably care abour which eyelashes you like and your logo how looks on the eyelash packaging ,which rather than  fixating on payment.

Mink Lashes Packaging

2.Additional,if there is a good time ,you can facetime with the guys to make further confirm.On one hand,Walking around their office.On the other hand,check again the real eyelash so you may not order the sample.Although they might have good service,you know the choice.

Customized Boxes Wholesale

3.Finally,if you literally paid the payment,A real eyelash vendor are supposed to notice you they received and repeat your recept information .That is make sense.

Private Label Packaging For Eyelashes

Custom Packaging Vendors

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