20mm Mink Lashes Catalog

20mm Mink Lashes Catalog

Buy mink lashes, we offer low-cost eyelashes, fast and low-cost packaging customization, the best quality, high retail price, so it is the best variety of your eyelash business.

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The Advantages Of ChanelLashes

Unique Design: Eyelash Vendors (VichyLashes) follow fashion trend of the world.Our designer participate in many international mink eyelashes design shows and know fashion element,you can also design 3d mink lashes by yourself and send your opinion to us.

Material: wholesale eyelashes are made of the best materials. Lash Vendors(VichyLashes)’s exquisite and unique raw material treatment technology is in the pursuit of perfection, each hair of wholesale eyelashes is carefully selected by patient workers with hair tips.

Quality: Each Hair is put on the design table by skilled mink lashes workers and ensure that the left and the right sides are symmetrical.Eyelash’s integral effect is perfect!

Mink lashes curve: Eyelash vendors’ unique stereotype technology ensures the natural and elegant shape of 3d mink lashes.Wholesale eyelashes have to guarantee the high-quality of each pair of mink lashes.

Wearing Times:Eyelash vendors who wholesale mink lashes choose best material and technology to make mink eyelashes could be reused at least 25 times.

Quality Control:All of our wholesale eyelashes are manufactured in accordance with standards.Our 3d mink lashes products are tested by international authoritative mink lashes organization every year,and get many rewards.

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