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Qingdao Chanel Lash Vendors  is one of the leading professional manufacturer and suppliers of false eyelashes since 2009, and is located in the beautiful coastal city Qingdao. Our main products are Synthetic Mink Lashes # 3D Mink Lashes # 3D Silk Lashes # Faux Mink Lashes # Human Hiar Lashes # Horse Hair Lashes # Custom Eyelashes Box all kinds of false eyelashes, now there are about 1,600 styles of eyelashes to choose from.

Our company philosophy is professional, focused and single-minded. Nowadays, we have rich experience in making eyelash products.As one of the leading professional enterprises combining design, production, trade and development under one roof, we have sourced top quality raw material, used high level processing technology and skills, had rich design experience and offered high quality goods with the best service for our clients in the past years.

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Our factory covers an area of about 30,000 square meters, and has more than 200 staff members working here. Our monthly capacity is about 50,000 pieces. All our skilled workers and excellent management team ensure that the products meet international standards and orders are shipped timely.

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We integrate design, research, manufacture and sales. Started with only 60 employees in 2009, we have been growing to more than 600 employees. Most of them are technicians with more than 10 years’ experience in the industry. We can customize any style according to your sizes, pictures and descriptions. We set a strict quality control system. Our goal is to create the most valuable eyelash products for our customers.

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Bearing “Sincerity, Creation and Development” in our mind, “good reputation, best quality and reasonable price” are our principle. We always offer you top quality products and the best services. We sincerely hope to build long business with you. You are welcome to visit our company at any time.

Synthetic Mink Lashes

 If you still can’t stick Synthetic Mink Lashes, it means you haven’t seen the amazing changes it has brought to your eyes, making your eyes big and bright in an instant! If you can’t do anything about Synthetic Mink Lashes, or if you have started to learn but don’t have the point, then this time the false eyelash paste skills, absolutely let you become a person with eyelashes!

Next, let’s take a look at the magic of Synthetic Mink Lashes:

Make your eyes bigger.

First of all, to choose their own Synthetic Mink Lashes eye successfully enlarged eyes. Choose the easiest way to determine the length of false eyelashes according to the width of your eyelid, that is to say, the wider the eyelids, eyelashes can be longer, so as to achieve that increase eyelid vision, thereby increasing the tension of the eyes the effect.

Tips: single eyelids or small inner eyelashes are more suitable for short natural Synthetic Mink Lashes.

Change of eye type

And eyeliner a truth, choose stem is the Synthetic Mink Lashes of black cotton thread, have the function of elongating both eyes, and then cooperate with the drawing of upper and lower eyeliner, so that eyelash eyeliner merges into one body, with false truth, Correction of imperfect eye shape. And Synthetic Mink Lashes can cover up the shadow and dark eyelids, improve the stereoscopic eye.

Tips: in addition to the upper and lower eyeliner, the lower eyelash is also a sharp tool to change the eye pattern.

Change the proportion of five senses

Synthetic Mink Lashes can solve the problem of sparse, soft and difficult to shape eyelashes. The shape of eyelashes opening upward allows you to look like Barbie’s upper body immediately, with changed eye length, size, and shape. The proportion of five features will be different.

Tips: lower eyelashes also have a lot of natural lifelike style, single cluster or part of the lower eyelashes, can also be false.

Preparation tools:

Eyelash clips, small scissors (eyebrows or small scissors), tweezers, false eyelashes (transparent or black).

Preparatory work:

Falsehood is the ultimate task of false eyelashes, so the focus of preparation is to agree on the radians of your eyelashes and the false eyelashes, which can be done with eyelash clips.

Step1: use a 3-segment clip, starting from the root of the eyelash with the eyelash clip to the end of the eyelash, to ensure that the entire eyelash should be clamped. Pay attention to the root do not clip too high, will make false eyelashes not sticky.

Step2: don’t apply mascara on your own eyelashes, just clip them up.

Step3 : A new Synthetic Mink Lashes will leave a small amount of viscose , which must be removed with tweezers .

Local adhesion:

The whole false eyelash is not easy to control in operation, local paste can avoid the problem of the eyelash.

Step1: cut the false eyelashes about 5-6 mm in length, slightly longer near the end of the eye and slightly shorter on the head, for ease of operation.

Step2: clamp the upper part of the false eyelash with flat tweezers. The tweezers are parallel to the root of the false eyelashes, gently brush a layer of glue, and don’t brush too much.

Step3: apply the glue for a few seconds, and the stickiness is greatest.

Step4: starting at the end of the eye, beginning at about 2-3 millimeters away from the corner of the eye, thumbing up the tweezers, aiming at the position, squeezing the eyelashes in and pushing them in, holding the eyelashes for a few seconds, the eyelashes are firmly glued up.

Step5: the last paragraph sticks to the rest of the false eyelashes in the direction of the eye, without any more mascara.

Integral adhesion method:

The closer the false eyelashes stick to their real eyelashes, the more realistic they look. Make the false eyelashes stick to the area where the eyelashes border with the eyelashes.

Step1: first measure the length of the false eyelash. The inside of the false eyelash is 4-5 mm behind the inner angle of the eye. There is no need to fill it up. The whole eye is a little longer than your own, and the spare part is cut off.

Step2: squeeze the two ends of the false eyelash and push it inward to make it bend properly and increase the curve to fit your eyes better.

Step3: pick up the full pair of Synthetic Mink Lashes with tweezers, find the center point of the eye and stick the false eyelashes close to the root of the eyelashes.

Step4: gently push your eyelashes in with your fingers to make them close together.

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